"POETRY: Pieces Of European Treasure Recited by Youth" aims to motivate students to become more interested in their own country’s traditional and modern anthological treasures and share them with their fellow students in the rest of Europe. The ten partner schools are located in Cyprus, Lithuania, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Estonia, Italy, France, Poland and Portugal. The students taking part are 15 - 19 years old. The participants will be involved in a variety of activities. As the project progresses, they will interview writers, poets and historians. They will prepare videos, leaflets,calendars, attend lectures and book presentations. They will visit museums, conduct their own researches in libraries and on the internet, participate in artistic competitions. They will write essays, poems and songs. The POETRY website www.comeniuspoetry.eu will be the main method of dissemination of our work and the place where all the students will meet, exchange ideas, throughout the course of the project, and become friends. The climax of our project will be the "POETRY Night Live" where students will perform their own creative work, their poems and songs and share them with the public. Protecting and preserving our common cultural heritage is every European citizen's responsibility and duty. Hopefully, by the end of this project, our students will be well aware of that and ready to contribute in achieving it!

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