Music Doesn`t Need to Know Any Languages

Music is a common ground on which no divisions exist, there are no better or worse ones. Young people, irrespective of the country they come from and live in, will be able to unite under the banner of music in a natural way, not requiring any declarations or evidence.

Thanks to the participation in the international project, students of different schools will get the opportunity to meet peers from other countries, broaden their knowledge about their  cultures and traditions.  It is noticeable that youngsters love listening to music without checking its origin. So, it helps them in being open- minded. That is why, we want to familiarize our students with different cultures through music. Then unknown will become known and maybe special.  Participating in this project will increase students`  ability to critical thinking which helps them in making good choices.

They will discover music characteristic of other groups of Europeans, and will develop their own interests and passions.

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The topics addressed by the project:

  • Cultural heritage/European Year of Cultural Heritage
  • Social dialogues
  • International cooperation, international relations.

The main goals are:

  • Widening students´  knowledge about other countries and their cultures and music
  • Streamlining the ability of critical thinking
  • Improving crucial abilities, linguistic and IT
  • Raising the level of motivation and abilities of conscious planning of one`s  personal and professional development
  • Developing talents and passions


Music is a great background to create something together. The final product of the project will be a music show with a video and CD.

Project Start Date 01-09-2018
Project Total Duration 21 months
Project End Date 31-05-2020

5 schools are involved in the project:
Legal name ZSP nr.1 Laskarzew
Address Urząd Miasta w Łaskarzewie/City Council
Country Poland
Post Code 08-450
City Laskarzew
Telephone +48256845250

Legal name Rokiskio Juozo Tubelio progimnazija
Legal name (national language) Rokiškio Juozo Tūbelio progimnazija
Address P. Širvio g. 2
Country Lithuania
Post Code LT-42153
City Rokiškis
Telephone +37045833587

Legal name Osnovno uchilishte „Ivan Vazov!
City Svilengrad
Country Bulgaria
Aadress: ul. il makariopolski St 5, 6500 Svilengrad, Bulgaaria
Telefon: +359 37 971 924

Legal name Ivan Cankar School
City Zagreb
Country Croatia
Address 10000 Zagreb
Telephone +3851 3702 048

Legal name Hiiumaa Gümnaasium
Address Uus tn 4/1
Country Estonia
Post Code 92413
City Kärdla
Telephone +37256272134


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